What To Do When You Forget Your Wallet

Wallet is a very important thing, it’s the place where you put your ID, driving license, and all of your money and credit cards.It’s basically an essential that you need and always have to be with you. These days it is very important to bring a wallet because you can verify yourself during a roadblock, especially in covid-19 season where many places are locked down, and during traveling cross state, you are required to bring your ID and driving license to show to the police during roadblocks. You usually don’t mind this because you probably always have your wallet in that one bag, where everything is in. But sometimes, you will clean your bag or change and use a different bag to match with your outfits or you just bring out your wallet for some weird reason and leave it on the table while you doing rewarding hobbies that you can have and you forget to put it back in your back and leave the house. Now this can happen to anyone.

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So what to do when you leave your wallet at home? My personal advice is, don’t get panic.It is normal to panic when you leave your wallet at home, but it is not the end of the world. Now you have to think of your alternative option, especially when it comes to payment. So you have your phone, hopefully. You can use your phone to use all your payment methods, the most easiest payment method in Malaysia is Touch and Go E-Wallet, it is an application that you can easily install to your phone and it is an application that is made by a Malaysia website designer. Payment methods are solved.

Now for your ID and driving license.Okay so if you have anyone at home to help take the front and back picture of your ID and license well that’s great cause you can use those pictures as your temporary verification details, incase of any roadblocks and police checkups.You could also do the none lazy way, travel back to your home to take your wallet.It is the right way to handle this situation. Just go back to your home and grab your wallet, it is very important to do that. 

It’s normal and common for people to forget their wallet at home, it’s just something that you don’t pay attention to because you know you always have those things in your bag or your back pocket. And you can make mistakes like this once in a while, because we are all human and we make mistakes, we forget things. We have some more important things that we keep in mind. Just don’t repeat this all the time or else you will keep repeating this and it is not really a responsible thing to do.