How Did Internet Unleash The True Crimes Cases

There are many among us that are horror junkies, we love horror movies and horror-related stuff. Some may like it because of the thrill and some may be interested in it because of their own curiosity. Some people don’t buy the fact that certain horror stuff like ghosts or demons is real. I wouldn’t blame them, it always can never be proven. Before this horror fans are seen as weirdos or grungy person, but as years goes by horror fans has expanded to a larger amount of fanbase, making horror not secluded. But when it comes to horror there are various versions of it, the supernatural ones, paranormal crimes, and psychological. All of it are scary of course, there is nothing to compare here. 

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Recently, with the sources like internet and smartphones, many have discovered several crimes that happen throughout the years, the real crimes for some it has become rewarding hobbies that you can have. This information is collected and stored in the depth of the internet, but it is out there for anyone to search it up. Before this ghosthunting was popularised, it has been broadcasted on television and the internet. But sometimes, ghosthunting show scan is a bit boring because sometimes there is not much paranormal activity that takes place, leaving viewers with disappointment. 

Sometimes, ghost hunting content can also be faked and staged with certain techniques and VFX, catfishing viewers into thinking what they are watching is truly happening. This is because not all the time ghost hunters able to archive their objective in providing good content to their viewers, and slowly the shows get boring and not interesting. This decreases the target rating point (TRP) of the show. Sometimes these alterations can get beyond the logical state to the point where the viewer can just state that it is faked. Even in Malaysia, there are shows and horor content creators that use great web design Malaysia tools that just to graphics for horror content.

When comes to horror genre shows, the audience always expects honesty and truth. This is because movies and series create the illusion of horror with exaggeration and graphics. So if the audiences want to watch something fake, they can always turn into movies, not TV shows that suppose to provide true horror activities.

But true crimes are nothing like ghost hunting. True crime content is all about providing true facts to the viewers with no meditation and alteration to it. Basically, it’s about discovering crime cases that happen in the past, which is something like a history lesson. Nowadays, with YouTubes and TikTok, anyone can do research and share the true crime story on the internet. And because it is easy for someone to just watch the content, people tend to just enjoy and take it as good entertainment.