Weight Management Tips To Mix In With Your Pescatarian Diet

Weight management is synonymous with calorie cutting. No amount of fancy fad diets will work unless we work on weight management with the help of the quality eating habits and quantity of food we ingest. Losing weight is often viewed as a series of starvations periods, fasting, and meal plans that are insufficient to fuel our body. But this cannot be far from the reality of the truth of weight management. Losing weight is not as portrayed by the mainstream media.

Even with our pescatarian diet and meal plans, we have some steps we may need to take to aid our weight loss. Pescatarian meals are popular among many since they are very effective at aiding our weight loss and even weight gain journey. A pescatarian meal is a vegetarian meal that normally consists of goodies like fishes and other seafood. An average pescatarian diet may include variations of shrimp, eggs, legumes, and different types of aquatic animals. They balance the nutrients from seafood with other beneficial plant-based foods. Hence making it a very attractive meal plan for weight management.  

 Depending on our need for the desired weight, let’s take some consideration of how we can make the best out of our pescatarian diet to manage weight. 

Low Mercury Seafood 

When consuming seafood, it is easy to get carried away with the assumption that all seafood has equal benefits. However, this is untrue and can have disastrous implications for our health. Our seafood diet aimed to lose weight should include a variety of low mercy seafood such as salmon, shrimp, cod, oysters, sardines, pollock, clams, scallops, flounders. Large tunas such as shark and bluefin are associated with higher levels of mercury while skipjack tuna has lowered levels of mercury. It is always wiser to stick to meal options that consist of low mercury ingredients from fresh seafood delivery Kuala Lumpur.

Smaller portions

At the end of the day, our weight loss journey comes back to how much we eat, rather than the type of diet we have. The deficit calories are what cause weight loss, so how can we cut out calories using our pescatarian meals? The best possible way to manage these meals for weight loss is by doing portion control. Eating in smaller quantities than normal or replacing the size of the side dish we have with our salmon might truly help our weight loss journey. 

Cooking With Healthy Substitutes

When making our seafood meals, it is very easy to spice it up too much with calorie-dense ingredients. Using heavy cream that is packed with fats and sugar might not be the best to assist our weight management. Cooking in butter, or excessive olive oil instead of healthier substitutes may lead to an increased risk of heart diseases and obesity. It is important to be careful with the type of ingredients we include in our diet. From the rice to the couscous and how we make the vegetables, it all counts! Seafood is incredibly diverse and they are easy to modify for our weight loss and even weight gain goals.