Vacation in Malaysia

Malaysia’s most popular tourist attractions are breathtaking, and the country’s outstanding infrastructure makes getting there relatively effortless. Even though Malaysia is consistently ranked among Asia’s most visited countries, China usually takes the spotlight and the top spot. Malaysia is sometimes shunned by long-term budget travellers as being “too pricey”. In the meanwhile, short-term tourists in Southeast Asia appear to avoid Malaysia due to a lack of time. However, as these enticing top places demonstrate, Malaysia has a lot of beauty, diversity, and adventure to offer. Even if you are one of Vietnam best forex brokers or a salesperson, you must visit and witness the beauty of the places that I have listed below. 

  • Penang

Where should you go first in Malaysia? Let’s begin with the obvious. Penang has long been recognised as one of Malaysia’s most popular tourist attractions. The city is more or less the poster boy of Malaysian tourism, with mouthwatering street cuisine and hawker fare, renowned landmarks like Kek Lok Si Temple, and fashionable street paintings in Georgetown. There are also many beautiful natural sites and relaxing eateries to visit! Penang is a cultural melting pot of tradition and modernity, steeped in history and ornamented with futuristic skyscrapers. A world-class vacation spot and a must-see for every self-respecting Malaysian traveller!

  • Kuala Lumpur

When visiting Malaysia, you’ll almost certainly fly into Kuala Lumpur, so this is a no-brainer. However, unlike some other Asian major cities, where visitors arrive and go as fast as possible, Kuala Lumpur is a worthy destination in its own right. With its combination of Malay, Chinese, and Indian influences, Malaysia’s capital city offers a wide range of culinary experiences. Kuala Lumpur’s attractiveness is largely due to its cultural mix. You may explore the wonders of several cultures by taking a short walk or hopping on the large train network. Kuala Lumpur has a plethora of interesting districts to visit. Before you travel farther afield in Malaysia, interesting landmarks like the Petronas Towers, the Perdana Botanical Garden, and the Menara KL Tower give lots of delightful distractions.

  • Malacca

Malaysia’s Peranakan city of Malacca, spelt “Melaka” locally, is a worthwhile stop for cultural, historical, and colonial monuments. In 2008, UNESCO designated Malacca as a World Heritage Site. The historic town of Malacca rarely disappoints visitors. At the very least, the laid-back atmosphere is enough to keep folks coming back for a few days. Because of its proximity to Kuala Lumpur, travelling there by bus is simple. Malacca does not have a train station.

  • Sarawak

Because most tourists travel to the peninsula, East Malaysia (also known as Borneo) is frequently overlooked. There are, however, a wealth of enjoyable activities and cultural experiences to be had here. If you’re visiting Sarawak for the first time, you’re in for a real treat. Sarawak is home to various heritage sites (most of which are in Kuching), such as the Sarawak Museum and the Kuching Waterfront, in addition to wonderful meals like laksa and kolo mee. You’ll have the opportunity to explore an authentic Bidayuh tribe community, take a tranquil cruise on the Santubong River, and visit some beautiful national parks such as Bako National Park. Furthermore, if you plan your trip carefully, you’ll be able to attend the yearly Rainforest World Music Festival, which is one of Malaysia’s largest music festivals held all year!