Rewarding Hobbies That You Can Have

Ever since pandemic hits, people have been struggling with boredom and not much too lately, since they are stuck at home. Maybe you have tried all of your to-do lists but yet you feel unsatisfied with what you end up with. Your list is getting shorter and the days becoming longer, so you sit and watch Netflix or play Fortnite with your friends. But how long are those going to last for before you run out of movies and series to binge-watch? Like binge-watching may sound fun but it is not as productive and it can turn to be a toxic trait. Plus not getting any sight incomes just feels awful. There are several ways and a few new hobbies that you can adapt they may come beneficial to you.

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This may seem boring to you, but writing has its own benefits, for example, there are several companies that just want you to write about their products and services.  You would not be permanent stuff of course but you can also write for various other brands, plus you can just an article that you like and send it to the newspaper company. Some may get rejected but they are also a high chance that maybe one of the articles you wrote will be bought. You can also start your own blog writing about things you like. Not only you will get money but you will also get to improve your language skill.


Wellbeing a vlogger may seem a bit amateur at the beginning but you can earn a lot of profits from it. It’s just like what you see on youtube, how people vlog their day-to-day routine. Even though your routine is the same, there people out there that may find your content interesting.


This may sound superficial but becoming a trading broker will pay all of your bills. Once you join the trading business you will be earning money and it is very easy to do that. If you find the first two is unprofessional, this is the right call to be a professional forex broker in Indonesia. Forex trading is where the foreign exchange business happens. 

Online Business

To start an online business you need to prepare a certain amount of cash in hand. You also need to be willing enough to risk it so that you can start the business and build it up. With the help of social media, you can use them as your marketing tool to promote your brand and a way to even do your business. 

Online Classes

There are several people that are willing to pay to learn something new, and for sure you have something to give. You can just randomly start an online class on things that you are good at.

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