How To Know If Saving Your Relationship Is Not An Option

The most significant reason for someone to get married is because she has this feeling that only when she will be living with the man of his dreams can she live happily forever. She has this fairytale imagination in her mind and even if you will try to stop her with all your reasoning power, I doubt if she will ever hold back.

Yes, aside from the special circumstances, one will usually happen thinking that is the only way for her to be fully happy. But what if that is not the case after some time of getting married? What if her fairytale imaginations did not come true? Will she leave? Nope, most of the time, that is not the case, especially when there are already kids involved. Is this your situation right now? When can you say your relationship is not worth the stress and the sadness? Check this out:

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 You entrust everything to fate. You stop doing all the efforts just so you and your partner can get along. It seems that you don’t care what will happen to your relationship anymore. You don’t even feel guilty anymore even it will end up in the worst possible situation.

 You constantly resent your partner and you feel that the feeling is mutual. You don’t enjoy being together, you don’t enjoy each other’s ideas. It seems that you have nothing in common to talk about anymore and in fact, you hate his ideas and vice versa.

 You seem to be arguing about the same topics and every time, the end result is ugly. No one will give in and no matter how much you argue about it, you are still both on the different sides, like nothing is resolved.

 You have nothing in common anymore. What you believe in is opposite to what he believes. You can’t see eye to eye even in small matters like where to go, about the kids and so on. No matter what the other will suggest, the other will disagree and then the fight will start.

 You have no imagination about your partner anymore. Every time you are imagining a happy situation, your partner is not a part of it or you are imagining another person instead.

So, is this your situation right now? Do you have kids? If you don’t have kids or you are not married like you are just living together, it will be easier to end the relationship. But then again, if you are a mother, you might want to consider your kids as well. yes, you are not happy anymore, but then again, maybe it is because of you invasion yourself with another man? Maybe you have this notion that you can live with another man and be happy? Then, what about your kids?

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